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来源:原创 发布日期:2020-01-09 15:40 阅读: 作者:HotEssay 字数:2715字
文章导读:下面为大家整理一篇优秀的 Essay代写 范文-Central Asia,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了中亚。中亚的地理非常分散,但中亚的历史和哲学意义正是由于它的分散。绿洲彼此不相连,中间被沙漠隔开。中亚的自然、地理和文化的碎片化极大地促进了其自由,使其成为不同文化的完美通道。中亚地区地理上的分裂,使得外部大国难以统治它。在这里,集中秩序难以维持,不属于彼此...

  下面为大家整理一篇优秀的Essay代写范文-Central Asia,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了中亚。中亚的地理非常分散,但中亚的历史和哲学意义正是由于它的分散。绿洲彼此不相连,中间被沙漠隔开。中亚的自然、地理和文化的碎片化极大地促进了其自由,使其成为不同文化的完美通道。中亚地区地理上的分裂,使得外部大国难以统治它。在这里,集中秩序难以维持,不属于彼此的自治社区推动着超越单一绿洲城市的自我生成秩序。中亚自由的特点自然符合自由贸易的要求。可以说,成为中亚的“通道”是中亚的重大历史命运,中亚的分裂使其走向成功。因此,中亚有一系列以经商而闻名的定居城市。庞大的商人群体没有受到中亚政治转型的影响,一直在进行跨境商业活动。



  The geography of Central Asia is very fragmented,but the historical and philosophical significance of Central Asia is precisely due to its fragmentation.Oases are not connected to each other,with the middle separated by the desert.The natural,geographical,and cultural fragmentation of Central Asia contribute greatly to its freedom and make it the perfect passage of different cultures.


  The geographical fragmentation of Central Asia has made it difficult for the outside powers to rule it.Centralized order is difficult to sustain here,and autonomous communities that do not belong to each other promote a self-generated order that transcends a single oasis city.The characteristics of freedom in Central Asia are naturally suitable for the requirements of free trade.


  It can be said that being the"passage"is the major historical destiny of Central Asia,and its fragmentation has made it successful.Central Asia therefore has a series of settled cities known for doing business.The huge group of merchants has not been affected by the political transformation of Central Asia,and has been conducting cross-border commercial activities.


  The booming commercial activities since pre-modern times make people realize the deep interdependence between the nomadic region and the European and Asian powers.From the perspective of culture and civilization,Central Asia has a deep historical and philosophical significance.For example,Buddhism,which was born in India,was spread to China through Central Asia,and its development in Central Asia showed many differences from the Indian origin,showing more possibilities,freedom,and diversity.

  Overall,the fragmentation in Central Asia is entirely determined by geography.Fragmentation is the major challenge for studying Central Asia,yet it also defines Central Asia.Although Central Asia does not produce centralized axis civilization,it constitutes the Noah’s Ark of the external civilizations.The spiritual power of the outside civilizations is truly released and strengthened here.


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