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HotEssay论文网 - 范文案例 - Paper代写范文 - 金融Paper代写-商业银行的普惠金融服务



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文章导读:下面为大家整理一篇优秀的 paper代写 范文- Inclusive financial services for commercial Banks,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了商业银行的普惠金融服务。在商业银行的普惠金融服务中,有着明确的政策引导。另外,在很多大型商业银行中,设立了专门的普惠金融部门,对普惠金融服务范围不断扩大,在很多小地方增设网点。对信贷资源投入不断加大,对小微企业贷款余额加以提升。丰富...

  下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Inclusive financial services for commercial Banks,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了商业银行的普惠金融服务。在商业银行的普惠金融服务中,有着明确的政策引导。另外,在很多大型商业银行中,设立了专门的普惠金融部门,对普惠金融服务范围不断扩大,在很多小地方增设网点。对信贷资源投入不断加大,对小微企业贷款余额加以提升。丰富普惠金融服务产品,根据客户特点和风险防范要求,完善普惠金融信贷产品设计。中小银行基于经营发展需求,不断增加小微专业支行的设立,同时积极推进线上线下相结合的普惠金融服务模式。



  In national economic development, the core of finance is an important content, the pratt &whitney financial business developing, to farmers, small micro enterprise, individual industrial and commercial households and other different groups, to provide better financial services, for the development of social economy, the increase of people's living standard, built a well-off society in an all-round and so on, all have important value. At the same time, the problem of insufficient and unbalanced social development in the new period can be solved. Commercial Banks are the main practitioners of inclusive financial services, so it is very important to conduct research on inclusive financial services of commercial Banks.


  In today's society, people's demand for a better life is increasing day by day, while the social and economic development still has the problem of insufficient and unbalanced, so the contradiction between the two has become the main contradiction of our society in the new period. Efforts should be made to address the problem of inadequate and unbalanced development, to achieve the improvement of quality and efficiency, and to meet the needs of people in all aspects. Inclusive finance mainly provides financial services to farmers, small and micro enterprises and other low-income groups, and promotes the improvement of people's livelihood and economic level, which is very effective in solving the problem of insufficient and unbalanced development, and can promote the effective improvement of China's overall economic development level.


  In the inclusive financial services of China's commercial Banks, the state has clear policy guidance. In 2016, it proposed to use digital technology to promote the development of inclusive finance. In 2017, it was proposed that large and medium-sized commercial Banks should conduct supervision over the inclusive finance department, adopt differentiated assessment and support, and provide better financial services for small and micro enterprises. In 2018, the state financing guarantee fund was established to reduce the required reserve ratio for loans to inclusive finance, reduce the cost of inclusive finance, and increase policy support for the development of inclusive financial services. In many large commercial Banks, special financial inclusion departments have been set up to expand the scope of financial inclusion services and set up more branches in rural areas and counties. We increased investment in credit resources and increased the balance of loans to small and micro businesses. Enrich inclusive financial services products, and improve the design of inclusive financial credit products according to customer characteristics and risk prevention requirements. Small and medium-sized Banks continue to increase the establishment of small and micro professional branches based on the operation and development needs, and actively promote the inclusive financial service model combining online and offline.


  For commercial Banks, it is of great significance and value to vigorously develop inclusive financial services. Commercial Banks mainly focus on monetary business and serve as service enterprises. While striving to increase profits, they must also strengthen inclusive financial services. The development of inclusive financial services is very helpful to the long-term interests of commercial Banks. Commercial Banks' increasing financial service support to vulnerable groups and low-income groups is more beneficial to the adjustment of the relationship between Banks and society, and can help Banks gain a good image. Inclusive financial services are very helpful in creating a good environment. Commercial Banks make great efforts to develop inclusive financial services, give consideration to economic and social benefits, and form a favorable environment of mutual benefit, integrity and friendliness among Banks, enterprises and customers, thus promoting the operation and development of commercial Banks. The development of inclusive financial services is also conducive to enhancing the competitive advantage of commercial Banks. We will strengthen inclusive financial services, build corporate culture and values in finance, improve public credibility, and gain higher trust from the society and the public, so as to improve our competitive edge.

  At present, there are some problems and deficiencies in the inclusive financial services of commercial Banks. In terms of credit policies, further adjustment is still needed. Under the unbalanced regional economic development environment in China, there are great differences in capital demand and agglomeration capacity. However, many commercial Banks adopt uniform standards for different economic regions, without reflecting pertinence and flexibility. The level of inclusive financial services for rural, small and micro enterprises is relatively low, such as fewer business outlets in rural areas, relatively low agricultural loans, and insufficient support for new rural financial institutions. In terms of small and micro enterprises, it reflects that the management mechanism is not fully implemented, the working enthusiasm of employees of small and micro enterprises lacks institutional guarantee, the financial support system for small and micro enterprises is not vigorously implemented, and the quality of loan statistics for small and micro enterprises is not high. In addition, there are many deficiencies in some basic inclusive financial services, such as unreasonable fees, poor service quality, long queuing time, insufficient cash, inadequate bank card and security services.

  We will increase policy support for commercial Banks to provide inclusive financial services through multiple channels. For example, the risk compensation mechanism of rural financial institutions should be improved through financial subsidies, financial interest discounts and tax incentives to promote the flow of financial resources to the inclusive financial system. In terms of regulatory policies, business trip alienation is reflected. Based on the characteristics of inclusive financial service institutions, such as high risk, large difference and large variety, the scope and requirements of guarantee for service objects are appropriately relaxed, and membership and policy-based credit guarantee institutions are vigorously built to give full play to the leverage of credit guarantee institutions. We will improve the registration mechanism of rural real estate and chattel mortgage, and strengthen supervision over rural guarantee mortgage evaluation institutions to ensure the good implementation of rural guarantee business. We will improve the agricultural insurance system and promote small amounts of insurance in rural areas. In addition, we will expand the scope of policy-based insurance, so that rural households, agriculture-related enterprises, small and micro businesses and other enterprises have better risk management tools. We will set up an appropriate financial inclusion fund to attract more financial institutions in poor areas through subsidies.

  The central bank should strengthen the credit and capital regulation function of commercial Banks and give more guidance to the inclusive financial services in terms of policies. The regulatory authorities should strengthen the regulatory mechanism and provide effective supervision and management, so as to encourage commercial Banks to vigorously develop inclusive finance and build a inclusive financial service system with sustainable development, reasonable price and service availability. Policy-based Banks should give full play to their basic role, actively build a policy-based financial service system, and better serve the people. Commercial Banks should take advantage of their own initiative to build a inclusive financial service system and provide diversified services for the people. Local commercial Banks should also give full play to their own characteristics and establish a multi-level inclusive financial service system. Commercial Banks should also adjust the credit structure, maintain seek improvement in stability, effectively implement monetary policies and optimize the credit structure. The essential requirements for financial services to the real economy should also be adhered to, to meet the people's needs for a better life, and at the same time to meet the financial needs of all aspects of society.

  We will improve basic and inclusive financial services and raise the level of basic financial services in communities and rural areas. In rural areas, basic services should be extended to the village level. In densely populated administrative villages, as well as towns and townships that do not meet the requirements for the establishment of standardized branches, key self-service and fixed-point services can be provided to make inclusive financial services more convenient for the people. We will vigorously promote the postal savings bank, the agricultural bank of China, the rural development bank, and other small and medium-sized financial institutions in rural areas. We will actively expand rural financial services, improve services to support agriculture, and effectively address the problem of inadequate rural financial services. In addition, community basic agriculture-related services should be strengthened, and the service mode and process should be improved to form a higher service efficiency and quality. To optimize the allocation of resources, combining customer structure, network shape, development potential, reasonable arrangement of work plans, balanced allocation of counter resources. Make full use of the business space, add more business Windows, improve service efficiency.

  The inclusive financial services in rural areas should be fully guaranteed. Based on the current county branches of large and medium-sized commercial Banks, county branches should be appropriately increased to make up for the gap in financial services and improve the availability of inclusive financial services. We will strengthen the construction and development of new rural financial institutions, actively attract more capital from rural areas, and make the rural financial system more sustainable, extensive and rich. We will pay close attention to the interests of farmers and help vulnerable groups to provide high-quality funds, information and policy services. Financial services for small and micro businesses should also be further strengthened. Commercial Banks should earnestly implement the requirements of the CBRC for deepening the construction of the six mechanisms, actively change their ideas, improve the mechanism, promote the innovation of inclusive financial products, and ensure that the growth rate of loans keeps pace with the pace of the average growth rate of all loans. For small and micro enterprises with a single account credit amount of less than 5 million yuan, they should focus on increasing credit support and providing more preferential inclusive financial services, which can not only promote the rapid development of small and micro enterprises, but also bring benefits to commercial Banks.

  To vigorously develop inclusive financial services, financial consumers' confidence in commercial Banks should be enhanced. Regulators should play an active role in promoting the protection of financial consumption rights and interests, and formulate practical implementation rules based on the actual situation to further standardize the transaction process. For financial products trading in different industries, the process should be further standardized and specific requirements should be put forward to ensure good operability. Financial dispute resolution mechanism should be diversified to better protect the financial rights and interests of consumers. Commercial Banks should do a good job in guiding the development and application of financial consumption rights and interests, so as to enhance consumers' confidence in commercial Banks. In addition, popularize and popularize financial knowledge to consumers and guide them to better identify financial risks in financial products. Commercial Banks should ensure voluntary, equal, honest and fair business dealings with consumers, attach importance to customer feedback, and seriously treat and solve customer complaints, so as to improve customer satisfaction and trust.

  In view of the major contradiction existing in China's current social development, it is necessary to vigorously develop inclusive financial services. As an important practice subject of inclusive financial services, commercial Banks should recognize and clarify the benefits and significance of developing inclusive financial services to their own development. At the same time, the problems and deficiencies in inclusive financial services are analyzed and identified, and then effective countermeasures are taken to vigorously promote the development of inclusive financial services.


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