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HotEssay论文网 - 范文案例 - Report代写范文 - Report代写范文-英美社会制度比较



来源:网络整理 发布日期:2019-08-13 09:35 阅读: 作者:HotEssay 字数:4331字
文章导读:下面为大家整理一篇优秀的 Report代写 范文- Social institution comparison,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了英美社会制度比较。英美都属于西方文明体系,其政治制度是其文明的重要组成部分。英国建立的第一套西方资本主义政治制度被誉为西方政治制度的源头和典范。在制度上,英美两国都属于两党制,但都有各自的特点。英国是君主立宪制国家,国王是世袭的国家元首。美国是一...

  下面为大家整理一篇优秀的Report代写范文- Social institution comparison,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了英美社会制度比较。英美都属于西方文明体系,其政治制度是其文明的重要组成部分。英国建立的第一套西方资本主义政治制度被誉为西方政治制度的源头和典范。在制度上,英美两国都属于两党制,但都有各自的特点。英国是君主立宪制国家,国王是世袭的国家元首。美国是一个民主共和国,实行总统制。总统是国家元首,掌握国家大权。两大政党的活动主要体现在总统选举中。执政党的胜利并不影响其在议会选举中的地位。另外,英美两国的选举制度都是受普选制度的委托。实行普选制度是两国政治制度的共同特点。



  Both Britain and America belong to the western civilization system, and their political system is an important part of their civilization. The first set of western capitalist political system established by Britain is praised as the source and model of western political system. The United States, on the basis of absorbing and learning from Britain, has formed the most perfect political system in the contemporary capitalist countries. Comparing the similarities and differences between the political systems of the two countries is conducive to accurate and clear comparison and grasp of the systems of the two countries, so as to absorb and draw lessons from the excellent factors in the political systems of the two countries (Harris, 1996).


  Britain is a typical country with an unwritten constitution, without a unified and complete written form. Its constitutional system is extremely complex, consisting of various written laws and unwritten customs, precedents and constitutional conventions. The British constitution cannot be enumerated by one or more official documents, nor can it be strictly distinguished between the past and the present. The U.S. constitution is the first written constitution in the world. In the course of development, the U.S. constitution formed four major principles: separation of powers and checks and balances, federalism, limited government and judicial review. The constitution of the United States implements a thorough separation of powers, stipulating the separation of legislation, justice and administration. The division of responsibilities between congress, federal courts and the President, as well as between federal, state and local governments, is also clear (Mckelvey & Holmén, 2009).


  In terms of system, both Britain and America belong to the two-party system, but they have their own characteristics. Britain is a constitutional monarchy, and the king is a hereditary head of state. According to the constitution, the king of England holds all the power. In fact, all the king's activities were subject to the orders of the cabinet. A party with a majority of seats becomes a government and holds the power of the government. The leader of the ruling party becomes the prime minister of the cabinet, making the party closely intertwined with the cabinet. The United States is a democratic republic, a presidential system. The President is the head of state and holds the REINS of the country. The activities of the two major political parties are mainly reflected in the presidential election. The victory of the ruling party does not affect its position in the parliamentary election (Sun & Naveh, 2007).

  The election system of Britain and the United States is entrusted by the universal suffrage system. The implementation of universal suffrage system is the common feature of the political system of the two countries. Britain's universal suffrage system is really just a system of citizens electing MPS in the house of Commons. According to constitutional convention, a cabinet government consists of a majority party in parliament. And the scope of universal suffrage in the United States is obviously different from that in Britain. Not only members of both houses of congress, but also the President and vice President as heads of state and government are directly elected by citizens. The President of the United States and the executive branch under him have no relationship with congress. They are not accountable to voters until the election. Normally only the federal constitution.


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