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HotEssay论文网 - 范文案例 - Report代写范文 - 艺术类Report代写-环境艺术设计中的生态理念



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文章导读:下面为大家整理一篇优秀的 Report代写 范文- Ecological concept in environmental art design,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了环境艺术设计中的生态理念。在环境设计时,我们应当遵守生态理念的自然环境固有规律,坚持不改变和不破坏生态环境,保持和自然环境、生态环境的和谐,维护自然环境的整体共生系统。 以下为 Report代写 范文全文,由HotEssay浩天论文网整理发布,供大家参考阅...

  下面为大家整理一篇优秀的Report代写范文- Ecological concept in environmental art design,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了环境艺术设计中的生态理念。在环境设计时,我们应当遵守生态理念的自然环境固有规律,坚持不改变和不破坏生态环境,保持和自然环境、生态环境的和谐,维护自然环境的整体共生系统。



  In the process of continuing development of the society in our country, because of the bad people use and development of all kinds of resources, which destroyed the ecological balance of nature, causing all sorts of environmental problems, especially in the industrial production of all kinds of noise pollution, soil pollution and air pollution, its has a serious impact on human life and work, nature also constantly warned through all sorts of natural disasters on human, so human beings must fully recognize the importance of ecological concept development, and try to find the human and the nature harmonious point, increase the study of ecological concept in the design of environmental art. At present, many scholars and experts of environmental art design have devoted a lot of energy to continuously study the ecological concept of environmental art design and strive to reduce the damage to the ecological environment.


  Environmental art design is a kind of practical art which aims at the environment of indoor and outdoor space of architecture. This art involves environmental psychology, literature, history, design aesthetics, sociology, architecture, urban planning, engineering, archaeology, environmental ecology and other disciplines. The design of environmental art is mainly to change the internal layout, furnishings and decoration of buildings through design to create an environment suitable for human life, work and living.


  In 1980, the strategy of sustainable development was put forward. In China's policies and development plans, consideration and attention to the natural environment were added, which enhanced people's attention to the natural environment. When people are improving their living environment, they constantly destroy ecological resources. Some non-renewable resources cannot be dealt with by human beings after they are destroyed, leading to no recovery. Therefore, when carrying out environmental design, we should give full consideration to ecological balance and sustainable development, and promote "ecological design", "green design" and "sustainable design".


  Kimi once predicted that "when you destroy the natural environment, you destroy your life." Natural environment is an objective ecological environment, which has inherent development rules and characteristics. Therefore, in environmental design, we should abide by the inherent laws of the natural environment of the ecological concept, insist on not changing or destroying the ecological environment, maintain harmony with the natural environment and ecological environment, and maintain the overall symbiotic system of the natural environment.


  The role of art design is very important. How to improve the overall appearance of urban environment through artistic design is a problem worth thinking about. In addition, the environment not only needs the appearance of beauty, but also needs the internal coordination, so the environmental art design into the scientific guidance, it is an indispensable part. The combination of art and scientific guidance is beneficial to the environment to meet the aesthetic feeling of art, social needs and ecological requirements.

  The 4R principles are Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, and Renewable. Following the 4R principle, these will help promote the innovation of ecological environment and reduce the waste of resources, which is more conducive to the development and construction of ecological environment.

  Today's society is scientific society, science and technology is the first productive force of our society, has greatly improved people's living standards and quality of life. Therefore, environmental art design should be combined with science and technology, constantly improve the designer's design ability and level of design, human and social improve the good ecological environment. For example, the development and utilization of new energy, the emergence of new materials, the application of new design technology, and the recycling and utilization of social resources and materials are all social development achievements and advantages brought by high-tech technology. Therefore, when carrying out environmental art design, relevant personnel and designers should make flexible use of high and new technology to better provide convenience and comfort for people's life.

  The design of environmental art itself is based on the natural environment. Only by fully combining environmental factors and conducting research and analysis on the ecology of the natural world, can we design the environmental art most suitable for the natural development. For example, water source situation, vegetation planting situation, landform and geomorphology, geological conditions and so on, these are designers should fully consider. The designer makes a practical investigation of the environment of the target place, and designs the environment reasonably by relying on the aesthetic feeling of art, thus realizing the environmental protection and cost saving. In addition, taking the natural environment as the basis of the design not only achieves energy conservation and emission reduction, but also better displays the beauty of ecology and adheres to the concept of ecological environment development. At the same time, when designing, designers should fully consider the local characteristic environment and effectively combine the surrounding natural environment and geographical features to form a unique beautiful landscape. For example, for some odd-shaped trees and stones or with certain ups and downs and layers of terrain, the designer can make a unique design with practical, ornamental and artistic value by taking advantage of the natural environment.

  In the ecological concept, the application of natural materials is also an important part of environmental art design. During the design work, the designer should fully analyze the characteristics, use conditions, process conditions, matters needing attention, modeling features and practical effects of natural materials, so as to realize the full application of natural materials. For example, in park laid a few cobblestones, its not only can undertake massage to the sole of the person's foot, promote haemal circulation, still have certain view and admire a gender. For example, designers transplant a certain number of flowers and trees on both sides of the park or road, which can not only create a relaxed and pleasant environment, but also have a high ornamental value, creating a relaxed and comfortable environmental artistic atmosphere.

  At present, China's research and development of new energy is in the initial stage, many enterprises and scholars hope to use new energy instead of traditional energy, so as to achieve environmental protection. Therefore, when designing environmental art, designers should abandon traditional energy sources and strengthen the practical application of water, wind and solar energy to reduce environmental damage and pollution. This paper argues that designers should conduct comprehensive analysis from multiple levels and perspectives in environmental design. While emphasizing reasonable recycling of waste energy, designers should also pay more attention to the development of new energy, and always adhere to the concept of ecology, so as to truly realize low-carbon life.

  With the rapid development of society, people's quality of life has been continuously improved, and their material needs have been gradually satisfied, and they began to pursue spiritual needs. Through the above, we can find that all the design activities of designers for environmental art design are based on the natural environment. The ultimate goal of this process is to achieve the harmony between people and nature, which is the initial starting point and the final destination, and meet people's spiritual needs of continuous improvement. Therefore, when carrying out environmental art design, designers should give full consideration to people's actual needs for environmental art, attach importance to the functionality and convenience of art, constantly enhance the comfort level of environmental art design, meet people's spiritual requirements for art, and strengthen the protection of natural environment. Designers should make it clear that the design objects of environmental art are not only ordinary people, but also vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly, so as to continuously improve the functionality and practicability of environmental art design.

  The concept of ecology has become an important research topic in environmental art design. When showing the charm of environmental art and constantly innovating life, designers should respect and protect nature, and then become the principle of environmental design. With the rapid development of society, people's evaluation and appreciation of environmental design gradually make reasonable judgments under the guidance of ecological concept, which to some extent promotes environmental art to meet people's spiritual needs.


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